Xem Phim Sex Diễn Viên Maximo Garcia Thế Hệ Mới Nhất

Maximo Garcia

At an imposing six feet two inches and over two hundred pounds of rock-hard muscle, boxing and fitness enthusiast Maximo Garcia seems just about invulnerable, but this Spanish stud confesses that he does have one weakness: "Pretty girls make me crazy, I become so stupid I can't even think." It's lucky that somehow, Maximo managed to keep his wits about him enough to get his break in the adult film industry in 2011, and he's been going strong ever since! For Maximo, the more girls the better, and this self-described "super dominant" guy would love nothing better than to have ten babes all to himself. Good thing Maximo doesn't need to think to keep his huge cock hard in his steamy scenes!

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